The Incredible Story of Transformation

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It is always good to idolize and learn from individuals who with their story of grit and determination have transformed themselves to be an example for the future generations to come. Here I present the story of Pruthvi VJ, 35, the man who overcame his challenges and setbacks to become a better version of himself from his past self.


Pruthvi completed his B.E in Mechanical Engg (MSRIT) in 2012 with a distinction and had offer letter from a reputed IT company. In a dilemma on whether to take up the job offer or further pursue studies, he gave into the advice from well wishers and closed ones and went ahead pursuing his Master’s Degree in Automotive Engg which he completed in 2014. Having little clarity on how to proceed further, a year passed by with him searching for a suitable job. Without further delay, he enrolled himself in a training and placement course with an aim for getting a job. In 2016, after close to a year of training he finally realized that Mechanical Domain work was not his cup of tea and paid heed to his heart and started looking for jobs in a domain which suited his interests.

After going through several round of interviews, Pruthvi got through a media company with interesting profile in an entertainment industry. 2 years into the job, he started looking for ways to add passive income to the current active one. Having already tried his hand in a Multi-Level Marketing venture which did not generate the desired outcome, he stopped doing any further ventures and went along with existing job with mediocre salary.

The Struggles

As the pressure mounted on the family front to settle down in life and get married, also did the worries of Pruthvi to generate extra income to take up the responsibilities of a married life. Though he was able to manage his finances for 2 years post marriage, the situation further aggravated with the Covid Pandemic which hit the world in 2020 and also created job insecurity when he was furloughed for 2 months. Meanwhile, he completed 4 yrs of service in the company that he was employed with.

This period of two months with no job security and limited income changed the perception of the way Pruthvi thought about the need to have a passive source of income. Despite enrolling in online courses during the furlough months which could not be completed as he was called back to work, doubts still lingered on what to do next. The other important aspects which he never took care of were procrastination and unhealthy eating habits along with lack of regular no exercise.

Plan of Action

After having several discussions with his family, friends and colleagues he realized he had to have clarity of what are his needs, what are his plans for his future, how he plans to achieve those and how he has to change himself to attain these goals. In simple words, he had to create a vision or road map for his future and where he would want to be in the next 5 yrs.

He went about working towards his 5 yrs goal, a few of them which are mentioned in the table below. This included plan for investing into more fixed and recurring deposits to generate regular flow of income in the next 5 yrs. After a long thought, he joined a Digital Marketing Internship which changed his thought process and made him realize that unless there is a fear of losing something (Fees for the course) one would not give the commitment and dedication to get back the Course fee which was offered on this internship as a cash back for every assignment submitted during the course on a weekly basis.

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                                                                Current Self vs Future Self (As on August 2020)


Now in the year of 2025, he has been recognized as an upcoming Digital Marketer whose side income as a freelancer exceeds his active income from the regular job. He continues to do the freelancing work along with his regular job as well. Also he maintains a healthy diet along with regular exercise and Yoga which keeps him fit and healthy. Another important aspect which he has overcome is the way he tackled procrastination with Better Time management and prioritizing the important tasks based on their needs.

And the Future

With other future ideas like turning to full time work in digital marketing, setting up his own business and creating platform to help other freelancers to gain further knowledge is what he has planned for the coming 5 yrs. I wish him good luck with his future endeavors and to continue to inspire other people through his work and the successful journey he has had so far.

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